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        2. Boeing

          The Pegasus

          The KC-46A Pegasus is a widebody, multirole tanker that can refuel all U.S., allied and coalition military aircraft compatible with international aerial refueling procedures. Boeing designed the KC-46 to carry passengers, cargo and patients. The aircraft can detect, avoid, defeat and survive threats using multiple layers of protection, which will enable it to operate safely in medium-threat environments.


          Feature Stories

          Dani sitting in engine

          Boeing honors Gold Star family at KC-46 delivery

          March 5, 2020 in Defense

          Tribute to Air Force staff sergeant who served as tanker boom operator

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          Senior Air Force official calls Boeing a 'US icon' Image

          Senior Air Force official calls Boeing a 'US icon'

          December 9, 2019 in Defense

          Boeing-USAF team clears flight-test milestones

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          KC-46A Technical Specifications

          Width 156 ft 1 in (47.5 m) Length 165 ft 10 in (50.5 m)
          Height 52 ft 10 in (16.1 m) Engines Two Pratt & Whitney PW 4062 with
          62,000 lbf (289.13 kN) thrust
          Maximum Takeoff Weight 415,000 lbs (188,241 kg) Maximum Landing Weight 310,000 lbs (140,614 kg)
          Fuel Capacity 212,299 lbs (96,265 kg) Maximum Air Speed .86 Mach (650 mph)
          KC46 Key Features and Capabilities

          KC-46A Pegasus Customer

          US Flag

          The U.S. Air Force awarded Boeing the tanker contract in 2011. Boeing will build 179 KC-46 tankers for the Air Force by 2027.

          U.S. Air Force KC-46A page

            KC-46A Pegasus Quick Facts

            The KC-46A Pegasus has:

            • Worldwide operations in all airspace
            • 15-inch (38.1 centimeter) 787-style advanced electronic displays
            • Redundant displays and controls for improved instruction and reliability
            • 24-inch (61 centimeter) displays with 3-D refueling picture
            • Comprehensive suite of logistics products and services
            • Global support infrastructure
            • Unparalled lifecycle cost savings
            KC-46A Pegasus infograph